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WCF or Windows Communication Foundation is a programming model to create service oriented applications. It is used to create and deploy the service that is accessible to lots of different clients. It provides an environment where you can create a service which can be accessible to Windows clients as well as Linux clients or any others. It provides more features compared to web services.

WCF is a Microsoft technology to create service oriented application. Before the WCF, the Web Service was used to create services but that type of service is only accessible to Windows client hosted on HTTP protocol. But WCF services are accessible with different protocols like http, tcp, msmq, etc. A few sample scenarios include:


WCF Architecture

There are four major layers that provide developers with a new service-oriented programming model. The WCF architecture consists of the following layers.

WCF architecture consists


A web service to exchange messages in XML format using HTTP protocol for interoperability.
A remoting service to exchange messages in binary format using TCP protocol for performance.
A secure service to process business transactions.
A service that supplies current data to others, such as a traffic report or other monitoring service.
A chat service that allows two people to communicate or exchange data in real time.
A dashboard application that polls one or more services for data and presents it in a logical presentation.
A Silverlight application to poll a service for the latest data feeds.

What is Service Contract in WCF?

Answer: Service contract means the collective mechanisms by which a service's capabilities and requirements are specified for its consumers. We must say that it defines the operations that a service will perform when executed. It tells more things about a service, like message data types, operation locations, the protocols the client will need in order to communicate with the service.

Service Contract

contracts in WCF

What is End Points and how many types of End points?

Endpoints provide the configuration required for the communication and create the complete WCF service application.

An Endpoint is a piece of information that tells WCF how to build the runtime communication channels to send and receive messages. An endpoint consists of the three things address, binding and contract.

Fault Contract in WCF

What is Address in WCF?

What is Address in WCF

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