Order Management- If its predefine order they send article numnber. According to article its automatically calculate total material required and Costing

If its new design Create article with material and costing

Costing- Calculate costing for material and working hours.

Purchasing and MRP(material requirement planing)- According to next plan order its provide how many items to be purchase. Allocate existing materials to plan order.

Warehouse management(multilocation)- Warehouse keep same material different location. Inventory manage to get total materials from different location.

Manufacture planing(line planing)- Allocate orders to weekly plan. its automatically allocate line and its provide homa many days to complete order.

Packing and labeling- Packing may be general and customer wise. labeling handle by customer wise. Packing section manage pallat and wich box in wich pallet.

Shipping- Shipping manage to decide what type of container and wich carrier. sample shiping handle by air frieght.

Invoicing- invoicing calculation doing for each order or set of order. each order cost add profit marging and calculate invoing price. CIF and FOB pricess are calculate.

A: Cost, Insurance and Freight CIF and Free on Board FOB are international shipping agreements used in the transportation of goods between a buyer and a seller.

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